I forgot to post my recent picture of Pippi…

This is based on a photograph, from which I made an outline drawing that I transferred to a wood block prepared with gesso, and then had at it with the acrylics. Here are the photo and drawing for comparison…

A Clock

Here’s a clock I made. Well, obviously I didn’t make the mechanism. And the box is a pre-made picture frame. But the rest of it. I made the rest of it.

Tin Rose

I quite enjoyed doing the butterfly, so I thought I’d use a few more cans and try a flower – here is the result…

Tin Butterfly

I made this out of a section from an old can. I was worried the paint wouldn’t stick unless I used some kind of primer, but though it slid around a bit it seems OK.


When we had fitted wardrobes done, we got a square sample of the wood used. It seemed a shame to throw it away, so I’ve added a mirror. The ‘floral’ swags on the corners are cut out of old cans and painted – they sort of pick up a motif from the curtains (or anyway that was the intention). I wasn’t sure acrylic paint would stick, but it seems fine.


Here’s a picture I came across recently that shows four generations: me, my father, grandfather and great-grandfather (who lived a few years more, so that I have some memories of him). At the time, we could have done a female equivalent, ie my sister, our mother, our grandmother and great-grandmother, but I don’t think that happened. When I was a little older than I am in the picture, I suggested with childish logic that my father’s father’s father could marry my mother’s mother’s mother. ‘Well, tell her I’m ready’ he said.


While we were eating dinner, a fox came in through the kitchen and stood in the hall. I think it must have been looking at my nine-tailed fox spirit picture, but Katharine shooed it out before it could give a detailed opinion.

(The picture is actually one that looked in through the sliding doors several years ago. Probably Grandad to the current one.)