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Here are a few stories of mine that achieved some recognition and can be read now, either as downloads or online. Hope you like them!

Smile came second in the June 2019 Henshaw competition and was included in Henshaw Three.

Curious Tom was shortlisted in the Kurious Arts competition and included in the anthology.

Glimpsing Her was Highly Commended in the MTP competition and included in the anthology.

Angel Voices was shortlisted in the H.E. Bates competition in 2020.

The Smile of Ozymandias got an ‘Honourable Mention’ in the 2020 Literary Taxidermy competition, in which you must write a short story which uses the first and last sentences of a specified novel – in this case it was Brave New World.

A Statue of Myself was longlisted in the Exelitfest 2020 competition.

Garghan House was longlisted for the Crowvus Prize in 2020.

Cheltenham Punk was highly commended in the Julia and Martin Wilson (Broadway) competition in 2021.

Mechanical Jesus won the Exisle Academy competition.

Saudade got third prize in the H.E.Bates competition in 2021.

Castrapitheca was published by Short Édition through their vending machines and also online.

Huge Ships was one of the three winners in the regular competition run by ’Meet Me @ Nineteenth Street’.

Pachydamned got an Honourable Mention in the 2021 Literary Taxidermy competition.

Twelve Days of Massachras got a special mention in the Crazy Cats’ 2022 competition for a ‘violent or chaotic’ Christmas story.

Under and After All was longlisted for the Fish Poetry Prize 2022.